My Gypsy Heart

I was rummaging through an old collection of guitar music and had forgotten that I gave a private concert on October 14th, 1996. A young audio visual man was there and captured the concert for posterity. Nice to have for my great, great grandchildren.


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  • Lady from Malaga: Time - 6:12

    A traditional flamenco guitar rhythm with original falsetas. I worked on this rhythm for many long years. I’ve always held that the best guitarists in the world come from Spain. Here is my small contribution to this great Spanish tradition. Played in the Phrygian mode, sometimes called the Gypsy scale.

  • My Gypsy Heart: Time - 9:05

    I’m playing the harp in a harmonic mode which gives the song its unique sound.

  • Cafe Mystique: Time - 8:10

    This guitar solo features the flamenco tremolo. This tremolo is a quintuplet - 5 beats per note - unlike the classical tremolo, which is a quadruplet. The quintuplet tremolo is unique to flamenco guitar music and for all you fingerstyle guitar players out there, it is played: p-i-a-m-i. It took me a while to master this, as it is not easy and a bit counter-intuitive. The natural tendency is to "circle pick" when playing a tremolo, like you would do with a classical tremolo.