Table for Two at the Cafe Mystique

This was my first real attempt at recording my music for others to hear. It is one of my favorites, a first born child, if you will and, like my other music, was recorded on a single take. It is played entirely in the slack key mode using some of my favorite keys, E flat minor and A flat minor. Enjoy!

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  • The Lover’s Hush: Time - 23:56

    This extended first song (almost 24 minutes long) is possibly the dearest song to my heart. Played in the key of E flat minor (is there a prettier key anywhere?), soft and lilting, it takes the listener to a place of peace and contentment.

  • Moonlight: Time - 7:20

    One of my first compositions on the harp, played in A flat minor. A real gem.

  • Midnight Serenade: Time - 9:17

    A continuation of Moonlight with added riffs.

  • Tender Lights: Time - 14:40

    The listener may be interested to know that this song was recorded at John Scully’s home studio. John is a 10 year veteran of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons football team. Our girls went to school together and he graciously offered the use of his equipment. I hear time and again that this is a favorite track on this CD. One of my favorites too.



Over A Slow Flame

This CD is close to my heart. This CD also includes some of Mark’s favorite recipes. As the first recipe, “Bagna Cauda” says - cook “over a slow flame.” This, to me, is a metaphor for life. I like to slow things down. The best things in life are to be taken slowly. Quit the frenetic pace and live life slowly. Hence, the title.

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  • Recipes

    This album includes some of Mark’s wonderful recipes for you to enjoy with the music.
    Some of the recipes: Bagna Cauda, Ravioli, Rose Sorbet, London Broil, Avocado Dip, Marinated Steak, Steak and Bacon Tournedos, Marinated Mushrooms, Pecan Pie, and more...

  • Dusk: Time - 3:29

    Inspired by my two daughters and the impossibly beautiful crimson summertime sunsets.

  • Blushing Roses in Bloom: Time - 18:00

    Another rambling song, 18 minutes in length. One of the few song played in a major key. A favorite of many.

  • Lovenotes: Time - 11:10

    One of the very first songs I played with and turned it into a nostalgic favorite of mine.

  • Expresso: Time - 8:49

    Expressive, just like the coffee.

  • Slow Flame: Time - 8:43

    Title song and one I find myself playing often.




Is a CD dedicated to my late niece, Angela Altiery. Ang was an angel, just like her name says. I find myself hearing her sweet voice often and my only gift to her is this CD.



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  • Daybreak: Time - 9:04

    A good, upbeat start.

  • Mist: Time - 12:40

    Another favorite track of mine in my favorite key of E flat minor. Mist refers to the mist that settled around my heart after Angela went to God.

  • Sparrows In The Choir: Time - 3:34

    My experimenting with mixing led to this song. (I’ll never give away my secrets to this perfectly named song.)

  • Ordinary Time: Time - 12:49

    My favorite times of the year are those of ordinary time. No holidays, no events, no fuss. Just ordinary time.

  • Late Summer: Time - 5:14

    Named for obvious reasons.

  • Lover’s Lane: Time - 1:49

    Would that everyone had such memories!



Serenade in September

This CD was recorded in the early hours of September 20th, 2009. My house is seldom quiet, but it was then, so I decided to record this CD. I simply chose some keys and a melody and recorded everything on a single take. I just removed the sounds of me drinking coffee at the start of each track and of me walking to and from the recording machines. I am happy with the outcome and like to capture moments like this.



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  • Before Dawn: Time - 19:45

    Just like the title suggests, I was serenading the mourning doves before the sunrise. This is played in a dropped tuning in an A flat minor variant.

  • Sympathy: Time - 17:26

    This is a tune I’ve fiddled with for many years. I could never quite get the sound I was after, but managed to capture it here with lots of improvisation in between the main lines. I have a feeling I will record this again. Again, played in a dropped tuning in an A flat minor variant.

  • Sweet Serenade: Time - 16:39

    My favorite track on this CD, played in my favorite key of E flat minor. After I finished this, I forgot how to play it. Good thing I recorded it, because I like the way it sounds.



My Gypsy Heart

The audio portion of the DVD with the same title. I was rummaging through an old collection of guitar music and had forgotten that I gave a private concert on October 14th, 1996. A young audio visual man was there and captured the concert for posterity. Nice to have for my great, great grandchildren.



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  • Lady from Malaga: Time - 6:12

    A traditional flamenco guitar rhythm with original falsetas. I worked on this rhythm for many long years. I’ve always held that the best guitarists in the world come from Spain. Here is my small contribution to this great Spanish tradition. Played in the Phrygian mode, sometimes called the Gypsy scale.

  • My Gypsy Heart: Time - 9:05

    I’m playing the harp in a harmonic mode which gives the song its unique sound.

  • Cafe Mystique: Time - 8:10

    This guitar solo features the flamenco tremolo. This tremolo is a quintuplet - 5 beats per note - unlike the classical tremolo, which is a quadruplet. The quintuplet tremolo is unique to flamenco guitar music and for all you fingerstyle guitar players out there, it is played: p-i-a-m-i. It took me a while to master this, as it is not easy and a bit counter-intuitive. The natural tendency is to "circle pick" when playing a tremolo, like you would do with a classical tremolo.