About Mark

Hailing from the Midwest, Mark J. Sartori has been an accomplished jazz guitar, classical guitar and jazz harp musician for over 30 years. Passionate about books and music, he began his initial training on the classical and flamenco guitar and over the next few years, his discipline evolved into self-studying and mastering the acoustic harp. All of his harp music is self-taught and so takes on a unique, spontaneous sound. His music can be described as relaxation harp music, rehabilitation music, meditation music, amongst other things.

In 1996, Sartori opened Misty Key Music. The name comes from how his harp is tuned; down from standard tuning, the key is referred to as a “slack key” or alternately tuned. This, along with Sartori’s love of minor keys gives the music a unique melancholic sound. However, the acoustic music is very popular as wedding harp music, wedding dinner music or just as soft background music. His mission is to sell CDs to people who appreciate good instrumental music. And, his vision is to “have my music in the hands of people all over the world.”

Sartori describes the niche his music fills as one for people who love instrumental new age or jazz music with no lyrics. He is a self-described music lover. And, has a true appreciation for the affect music has on every situation. Rising above or below the chatter and other sounds, he feels his instrumental music sets a mood of peace and contentment. In particular, Sartori’s personal style of relaxation harp music is great background music as it lends itself to various situations such as reading, studying, meditation, dining and romantic settings.

“My music is unique in the way it sounds. Given my many decades of finger-style guitar training, I have used these abilities to play the acoustic harp in a particularly special way. Also, all my compositions are original and recorded on a single take. The sound is captured once and recorded.”

The Story of My CDs

Having previously just played for live audiences, or for my family, I was forced to record my music by John Peter, my handicapped son’s hip surgery. My first child, John Peter has severe spastic cerebral palsy. He was born 3 months prematurely and has had many medical problems. As a result of his disability, John Peter is a spastic quadriplegic (meaning it affects all four limbs), blind and mentally retarded. As Divine Providence would have it, his best working organs are his ears. He listens to music all day, everyday. A few years ago, he had surgery on his hips and was confined to a “spica” cast which extended from his underarms down to his toes. He hated this brace and cried continually. The only thing that kept him from crying was the harp. The relaxation and meditation styled music was the only thing that soothed him. As long as I played the harp, he wouldn’t cry. And so I played. I played until I couldn’t play any longer. I played until my back gave out. The solution to this was to record the instrumental harp music myself. I named my first CD “Table for Two at the CafĂ© Mystique”

Mark Sartori’s core values are love, peace and forgiveness.